Information for Current Election Judges

Current Judges for upcoming election

For the November 5, 2024 General Election, election judge’s Notice to Serve and responses will be in an electronic format.  If we do not have your most current email address, please update it HERE


Training is not required to serve as an Election Judge, but if you complete one of the scheduled classes and serve on Election Day as an Election Judge, you will earn a Training bonus.

If you currently are not an Election Judge, you will need to complete the application before signing up for training. Click HERE to sign up as an Election Judge.

As a refresher, HERE is a link to view videos pertaining to election judge duties and situations that may come up while performing those duties.


When will training classes be offered?
Certification Election Judge classes are held before General Elections (which are in even-numbered years), usually in early Summer and sometimes in late Fall.

For other elections, other types of classes are held, including both in-person and on-line training.  The lessons vary, depending on what content needs to be covered for the next scheduled election.

How much are election judges paid?

The base rate of $170.00 is given for working in the polls on Election Day. A Training Bonus of $50.00 is added to the base pay if you completed the most recent training. There may be other jobs that can be worked for additional pay, including nursing home voting, polling place coordinator, early voting judge, or field representative. Pay rates may change according to current budget figures.

How are payments to election workers treated?
See IRS publication.  Election Judges and Workers who make over $600 in one year will be sent 1099 form.