Deputy Registrars

The Volunteer Deputy Registrar Program offers a convenient method of voter registration for residents of the City of Bloomington. It has proven to be an effective and efficient means of reaching eligible citizens who are not yet registered to vote.  Deputy Registrars may register voters who reside anywhere in the State of Illinois, and the Board of Elections will forward the registrations to the proper jurisdiction.

Who can serve as a Volunteer Deputy Registrar?
A Volunteer Deputy Registrar must be:

  • A citizen of the United States.
  • Able to speak, read and write the English language.
  • Sponsored by a qualified organization or agency including:
    1. The chief librarian or designated person(s) from any public library. Deputy registrars sponsored by libraries may take registrations only at the library location.
    2. The principal or designated person(s) from any high school or vocational school. Deputy registrars sponsored by schools may take registration only at the sponsor school.
    3. The president or designated person(s) at any university, college, community college, academy or other institution of learning. Deputy registrars sponsored by such learning institutions may take registrations only at the sponsor location.
    4. An elected or appointed official of a bona fide labor organization or qualified member(s). Deputy registrars sponsored by labor organizations may take registrations anywhere in McLean County.
    5. Certain state agency employees. The Director of the Illinois Department of Public Aid, the Director of the Illinois Department of Employment Security and the Secretary of State may designate employees to accept voter registrations at such offices.
    6. The president or designated employee(s) of any corporation. Deputy registrars sponsored by corporations may take registrations anywhere in McLean County.

How long does a Volunteer Deputy Registrar serve?
A deputy registrar is appointed for a two-year term which ends on the first business day of December in even-numbered years, no matter when the appointment began.

Volunteer Deputy Registrars must be trained by the Board and are issued registration materials.

For additional information contact our office.