The Registration Station and Kit

The registration Kit

The Registration Kit is delivered with the other election supplies to your polling place for use on Election Day.  The kit will have everything you need to complete voter registrations.


The Registration Kit holds ALL the items that will be needed at the Registration Station.  Items in the Registration Kit include:

  • Registration Station table sign
  • Clipboards
  • Pens
  • Yellow Instructions and Procedure Guide
  • Pad of ballot application/registration forms
  • Peach polling place address slip
  • Blue receipt of registration
  • Green list of all Polling Places and addresses
  • List of acceptable IDs for table
  • Signs/lists of IDs to hang on door to polling place
  • Signs to post on table and/or wall at Registration Station
  • Whole City list of city addresses and precincts
  • Your polling place’s list of city addresses and precincts

When completing voter registrations, do not use any other supplies that are not in the Registration Kit.  There are other supplies that are sent as polling place supplies (such as affidavits, provisional materials, etc.), but these are only to be used at other Stations and NOT at the Registration Station.

IF YOU ARE WORKING ONLY AS A REGISTRATION OFFICIAL, YOU SHOULD NOT TOUCH THE OTHER ELECTION MATERIALS OR HELP WITH THE OTHER ELECTION PROCESSES.  Due to laws and statutes pertaining to the security of ballot and election equipment, only Election Judges can participate in the other election duties.  If you are working as an Election Judge who is also working the Registration Table, these limitations do not apply to you.

Setting up the Registration Station

The Registration Kit needs to get unpacked to set up the Registration Station of your polling place.  If you are working ONLY as a Registration Official, you will report to your poll at 5:15am the morning of Election Day to setup the Registration Station.  If you are working as an Election Judge who will rotate into the Registration role, the Registration Station will be setup the day before Election Day when the rest of the poll gets setup.

  1. Assemble the Registration Station table sign and place it on the end of the table where voters entering the polling place can easily see it.
  2. Place the clipboards and pens near the table sign where they can easily be reached.  Place the pads of registration forms close by.
  3. Post all signs appropriately on the polling place door and on the wall/table for the Registration Station.20161227_105715
  4. Tape down to the table the List of acceptable ID’s.  You will need to reference these often, so place them where you can easily see them.
  5. Organize the Peach and Blue slips into piles.  Place them and the Green list of all Polling Places at the opposite end of the table so they can be reached when needed.20161227_111134
  6. Place the address listings near the center of the table, as you will need to refer to these often.20161227_110037
  7. You have finished setting up all the needed supplies to register voters.   The next unit will instruct you on how to complete Voter Registration.