How to Get To Online Training

Accessing your training

The Bloomington Board of Election Commissioners has provided you with an online training option.  This training covers your responsibilities, and more specific details on how to do your job in the polling place.  Training requirements may change for each election, so be sure to call the office if you are not sure about the requirements for the next upcoming election.

You can get to the available online training through 2 different routes:

1. Click on the link provided in the email sent out to all scheduled Election Judges.  Use this link to log in, which will take you to the “Training Central” page.


2. Go to the Bloomington Board of Election Commissioners website,  Hover your mouse (do not click) over the “Election Judges” menu, “For Current Election Judges” option.  Click on the “Training Central” option that pops up to the right.

Training Central

The “Training Central” page is the starting point for any available online training. This is the page where you will find a list of all your lessons (called “units”), as well as where you can see your progress through the whole training course.

When you access the “Training Central” page, you may need to log in.  If you see a red warning box along the bottom of your screen, use the blue Log In link to log in.


After logging in, you will see a blue link towards the bottom of the screen.  It will have the name of the course that is available for online training.


Click on the name of the course (here it’s called “Voter Registration Training”), and the link will expand into a list of lessons (called “units”) that you will be completing.   It will show all the units for the course, as well as the order that you should complete them in.  The Online Training is designed for you to have access to the units in a specific order.  Once you complete a unit, you may view it again as many times as you would like, whenever you want to.


Completing a unit

To complete a unit, click on the blue link with a unit’s name.  The link will take you to a page that contains information about completing your role as an election worker.  The information in the different units may be in various forms including: written material, pictures, worksheets, video clips, and quizzes/surveys.

Finish viewing and studying whatever material is presented in the unit.  When you have finished, click on the “Mark as Completed” button at the bottom of the screen, as this allows the online training to track your progress throughout.


For THIS unit that you have just completed, click the “Mark as Completed” button.  Then click on the “Next Unit” button below.