The Voter traffic pattern

You will help set up your polling place so it will have a natural traffic flow for voters to follow.  On Election Day, you will direct the voters through that traffic pattern to complete their voting process. Typically, a voter will follow these steps while they are in your polling place on Election Day.

  1. Registered voters go to the Check-In Station. If the voter is not registered or needs to update their address, send them to the Registration Station.
  2.  After getting checked in, the voter goes to the Ballot Station to receive their ballot. (NOTE: if a voter registered or updated their address, they also continue by going to the Ballot Station.)
  3. After getting their ballot, the voter goes to the Booths to mark their ballot with their voting choices.  Voters can use either paper ballots or the ExpressVote to mark their ballot.
  4. After marking their ballot, the voter goes to the Ballot Box to insert their ballot.
  5. After putting their ballot into the Ballot Box, the voter exits the polling place.

Click on this picture to see an up-close diagram of this voting process.
arrange the polling place v2There are other possible voter situations where different steps need to be followed. While working in the polling place, be sure to use the Judge’s Guide to Ballot Entitlement (found in the 3-ring Binder) and your Election Judge Manual, for specific instructions to follow when deciding what to do for these voters. Possible special cases may include a voter who:

  • Is not registered to vote
  • Is not registered under his/her correct address
  • Is listed as “Inactive” or “Cancelled” in the pollbooks
  • Is challenged by another voter
  • Has changed his/her name
  • Has moved within the last 30 days
  • Has already voted with Early Voting or Vote by Mail
  • Needs assistance due to a disability or inability to read

If there are any questions about voters, site emergencies or problems, CALL THE OFFICE, or use VoteSafe Live Help to send us a message!