Offices On The Ballot


A ballot placement lottery was held by the McLean County Clerk’s Office to determine which party would be in the 1st position on each race of the ballot. The Bloomington Election Commission will use the results of this lottery during the ballot creation process. More information on the 2024 General Election Ballot Placement Lottery can be found HERE.

**Please refer to the McLean County Elected Representative Map for in-depth information about the districts that will represent you**

Candidates and Measures on the 2024 General Election Ballot include:

  • Federal – U.S. President and Vice President, U.S. Senator, Representatives in Congress – all 17 Districts
  • State – Governor and Lieutenant Governor, Attorney General, Secretary of State, Comptroller, Treasurer, State Senators – some or all of the 59 Districts according to Illinois constitution, Representatives in the General Assembly – all 118 Districts
  • County – County Clerk, County Treasurer, County Sheriff, County Auditor, County Circuit Clerk, County State’s Attorney, Regional Superintendents of Schools, County Board Members
  • Judicial – Judges of Supreme, Appellate, Circuit, Resident Circuit Court – vacancies will be filled, if required; retention questions
  • Party – National Party Convention Delegates, State Central Committeemen and women

More Information about specific ballot measures and contests will be made available soon.