Frequently Asked Questions

Course?  Module?  Unit?  What’s the difference?

While on the “Training Central” page, you will see these three terms listed.  Here’s a quick overview of them:

  • The Course is the entire on-line training that is available to you.  You will probably only see one course listed, as for most elections there will only be one online training available to Election Judges.  In some elections, there may be additional training material available to specialized election roles, such as Coordinators and Registration Officials.  For these roles, there may be multiple courses listed.
  • The Modules are the main topics of training.  This is a way to organize and reference the lessons to be completed.
  • The Units are the lessons that you will be completing.  This is where the information is presented for you to review.  In a unit, you will read printed material, view video clips and pictures, study worksheets, and complete quizzes/surveys.


How much online training I have completed?

When you are logged in, you can see your progress in 3 different locations:

  • Training Central  – the “Your Progress” bar at the top of the screen will show the % of how much of the course you have completed.
  • Training Central – the progress circles on the right side of the screen, next to each unit.  The units you have finished will have a green √ , and the units you have not finished will have a grey circle.
  • While in a unit – the “Current User Progress” menu on the right of the screen is an expandable list of units.  When you have finished a unit, the name in the list will turn green.  The unit that you are currently working on will be a blue link.  The units you have not yet finished will stay black.


How will I know when I have completed the whole online training?

When you have viewed all the units and marked them as completed, you will receive an email to say you have finished the entire course.


How often can I access the online training?

You can log in and work on the training at any time, as many times as you wish.  The training will keep track of your progress as you work.

As long as you have already finished a unit, you may view it again whenever you want if you feel like reviewing the material. And don’t forget that you can access the training on a Smart Phone during election day for a quick reference if needed.


What if I need help?

While in any of the training units, look for the contact information on the left side of the screen. Call during office hours, or email your questions to Online Training Support Contact.