Acceptable Voter ID’s for Registration

What IDs are required for a voter to register?

A voter must show 2 forms of ID or documentation in order to register or change their address:

  1. BOTH ID’s must show their name
  2. ONE ID must show their current address

Most forms of ID or documentation are acceptable to use.  The most common types are Illinois State driver’s licenses or State ID’s, but other examples include: Credit or Debit Cards, medical bills, report cards or school transcripts, bank statements and pay stubs.  Even a piece of mail that has gone through the US Postal Service can be used as an ID, since this shows both the person’s name and current address.

The registration form requires that the voter write either an Illinois driver’s license or state ID number OR the last 4 digits of their Social Security number.

Is this a valid ID?


Notice that this is a Driver’s License for Minnesota, not Illinois.  An out-of-state driver’s license can be accepted as an ID showing the voter’s NAME, but not as the required ID showing the voter’s address.  The address must be shown by another form of ID or document.  Be sure that the voter does not write their out-of-state driver’s license number on the registration form, as they will need to provide the last 4 digits of their Social Security number if they do not have an Illinois driver’s license or state ID.

ID information Sheet provided
in the Registration Kit

Here is a picture of the sheet that you will tape to the table at the Registration Station.  This information sheet is for your reference, as well as for the voters who are registering. Click on this picture to see a larger version of it.